My name is Adina, your host and developer here at Latin Dance Events.

My goal is to create a central location online to for all Latin Dance & Music events happening in the United States, making it easy for dancers, travelers or anyone interested in dance to find out what is happening in their area.

I want to create an environment, that will allow those involved in the dance communities, a place to share their events, articles, videos, music and more.

There is much to done before this vision I hold so dearly to me becomes a complete reality, but I'm up for the challenge!

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So who is Adina @ Latin Dance Events? 

Well... To put it plainly...

I'm just someone who got bit by the Salsa bug many years ago at a nightclub offering free dance lessons and my life hasn't been the same since... 

But you might already guess that seeing as how I run this site...

I have a background in online website product development and project management. You can check out my past & present work here at LinkedIN


But maybe you're looking for something like this...

World Revolves Around 2 Things

Let's see... First and foremost, I am a follower of the teachings of Christ and believe in an amazing God who has helped me change my life for the better.

Second, I'm a single mom of a young man who means everything to me and makes me very proud to be able to say he is MY son. He's smart, athletic, handsome and a hard worker.

He gives 110% to his passions. He's a track state champ, plays basketball, taught himself to play guitar and the piano and working to become a personal trainer.

There's so much I could say here but... Just know... he's AWESOME and my heart!


Time to Put My Skills to Use

I have a background in project management, marketing, and online product development for websites in real estate, recreational vehicles and turnkey website interfaces.

By no means am a programmer, so if stuff gets a little quirky on the site, bare with me... I'll get it fixed once I figure it out.

In 2007-2010 I developed and ran a local salsa website to promote dance in the Hampton Roads Virginia area called "Seven Cities Salsa".

The website and weekly events that I held and promoted play a large part in the boom of the dance community in the area.

It was then that I believe I found my calling of what I really should be doing with my life.

Sharing my love of dance and getting as many people to dance as I possibly could!



Dance is my main passion, but I also enjoy riding my motorcycle.

This is Grace. My 06 GSX-R 600

I began riding back in 2010 and can say that there's no other feeling like it. The power, the wind, the force...

and then there's all the drivers not watching the road while they text and drive...

I found myself spending more time dodging them than actually enjoying the ride.

So I don't ride much anymore, because frankly, I want to be able dance till the day I die and need my legs.

Photo by: Adam Scott


I'm All In

I'm not one to let fear win. I'm up for just about anything and my motto here lately is to "just do it afraid".

And that's exactly what I did when I jumped out of that perfectly good airplane.

Not sure if I want to do that again, maybe... who knows, but at least I checked that one off the bucket list.


It's kind of the way I am with most things. Once I commit, I'm in for the long haul.


Let's Dance Please!

As you can see, I'm really just like everyone else, except for the fact that I LOVE DANCING! Especially SALSA! Preferably On2 please =) 


I began dancing in a nightclub at the oceanfront that had free salsa lessons every week.


Then... when I was introduce to On2 and then was it... GAME ON!

At one point I was dancing 5 nights a week with a different instructor each night! I couldn't get enough of it! It completely turned my world upside down.

I have realized now looking back, that dancing gave me the self confidence that I never had. There was nothing I couldn't do. I was now able to meet and interact with people on a level not available before.

It made me feel ALIVE.

And it was for that reason that I began promoting dance in the area. I wanted everyone to dance so I had more people to dance with LOL how selfish right? LOL

And today... I still want EVERYONE to dance. I want them to feel that connection with a person and the music and to lose themselves in it.

See to me, a true dance is a moment in time between two spirits, two separate forms of energy, and if they find each others rhythm can become one.

They feed off of each other, creating a magical display as they glide across the floor, lost in THAT moment, oblivious of the outside world.

It's almost as if... time doesn't exist.

Then, when the music stops... they go their separate ways, savoring that feeling of total bliss, usually without even knowing the other persons name.

But that one dance will be imprinted on their soul forever.

It's that feeling of bliss, where I feel as though I'm on top of the world, connected directly to God, that keeps me going back to the dance floor again and again.

I wish I could say that it happens often, unfortunately no it doesnt. But that doesn't stop me from trying =) 

Dance is my medicine, it's my therapy and one of my ways of connecting with God. Without it, I'm lifeless.


My Cruel Reality

As much as I love dance, I unfortunately cannot dance as much as I would like to due to health issues.


In 2009, I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, even though I had suffered with the symptoms since my early 20s in the military. But it wasn't until my diagnosis that I was able to wrap my head around how to live with it.


I've made necessary lifestyle changes, even to the point of moving into the middle of nowhere, to ensure I get peace and quiet when I need it, as quality rest is at the utmost a necessity to keep it at bay.


When my body tells me it's ok to dance and I have an opportunity, you better bet I am on a dancefloor somewhere!

The key is keep a steady rhythm and not to overdo it. So if you see me out, know that I'm feeling pretty good at that moment, but don't be surprised if I disappear into the shadows afterwards, not to be heard from for weeks. I'm simply back in hibernation healing.


It is when I am in that hibernation state that I spend my time working on this site because, well... I can't really do much of anything else.


So, if I can't dance it doesn't mean I can't help someone else get out there and do it, right?


I created Latin Dance Events because I want to share this joy and excitement of dance that I have, regardless if I can do it myself.

I want to reach people through the internet who may have never thought about dance and hopefully encourage them to go out to a local studio or find an instructor and learn to dance. To give it a try and be courageous.

From there I can only pray that the dance will touch their lives as positively as it has touched mine, in hopes to bringing healing and light to a world in need. 


I may not be able to do a lot as one person, but I'll do as much as I can to help others in the dance community to share their love for dance too.


So, that's my story...


My request of you: 

Please enjoy this site, find and support local studios and venues, take lessons, and invite your friends to go dance with you.


Remember to dance with them and be connected in THAT MOMENT, because all it takes is one moment in time to change life the way we know it.



   Adina Marie