Calling All Nightclub Managers!

Are you a Latin nightclub or do you hold a regular Latin event at your establishment?

Latin Dance Events wants to help your nightclub grow, stand out from the rest to make it's mark on your area!

When you create a nightclub listing on Latin Dance Events we'll help with..

Hugo's Plan

Expand Your Reach to Increase Clients *
Your new listing will help dance enthusiasts, both new or seasoned, find you when searching for places to dance.

List Events & Classes *
If we have events listed in our event calendars, they will display on your nightclub listing to help dance enthusiasts see what's happening at your establishment. Currently, events are imported from Facebook for free. Once you sign up we'll send you details on how to get your events imported to your listing. (requires a paid listing)

Save Time Promoting *
When you create a listing on Latin Dance Events, you'll save time promoting your business because we already attract dance enthusiasts looking for you. This will allow you more time to focus on your business and making your guests happy! All you have to do is be listed to be seen!

Build Awareness about Your Studio *
With a PRO subscription, your listing will be displayed in various banner placements throughout the site putting you "Center Stage" so dance enthusiast can find you when searching for places to dance, all while sharing your social media profiles, contact information and complete it with an image or branding logo.

Additional Marketing Help *
With a PRO subscription, Latin Dance Events will send your listing information to our newsletter subscribers in your area letting them know more about your nightclub and even help you to get reviews.

Build Trust & Credibility *
Then, once you receive your first review, you'll gain access to our review widget that you can add to you website, if you have one of course, for added 'social proof' that the community loves what you're doing, as well as to encourage others to leave reviews for you too.

Search Engine Exposure *
Finally, creating your listing will also get your establishment listed in search engines, giving you more clout and exposure amongst other nightclubs. 

Think of it as Yelp for the Latin dance community!

Enhanced Listings Plans starting as low as $9.99 a month!

* subject to listing subscription plan features


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