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Dance Students

What if you had access to amazing instructors who would show you how to

  • find "the one" in the music
  • do certain drills to have impeccable timing
  • do their fancy footwork
  • spin like a top
  • lead and follow with just the touch of a finger

    ... all in one place online?

Would you be interested in taking online dance classes?

Which dance style classes would you be most interested in?

Dance Instructors

Our platform that will allow you to upload your instructional videos without the need for technical knowledge of building a website, making it secure, fighting bots and hackers and then SEO to get your site found online.

Once you're set up we'll help share them on Latin Dance Events.

All you have to do is create your videos, and they don't have to be fancy either!

Interested in joining The Studio? 

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We can't make this happen without your help.

The more instructors we have involved the more of an impact we can have while we move through this time of social distancing to keep dance alive, so tell all your instructor friends =)

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