Sensual/Traditional Bachata Fusion Workshop

Sat, Jul 27, 2019 12:00PM - 

Event Description:
Join Eric Jones Santana and Stephanie Metzger for a 3 hour Sensual and Traditional Bachata workshop. You will leave knowing how to combine and use moves, technique, and styling from both genres of bachata and how to fuse the two. The workshop will include footwork and partner work, along with concepts of body movement in both styles. Work on becoming an overall great bachata lead/follow, and don't feel the need to disappear on the dance floor when a Traditional or Sensual song comes on!

Location: Tyson's Ballroom & DanceSport Center, 8032 Leesburg Pike
Price: $40
Time: July 27th, 12-3pm
Parking: Tyson's mall parking lot
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    Latin Dance Events is not the host of this event.
    You may contact the event coordinator by visiting the Facebook Link above or contact the venue directly by phone.
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    Venue: (877) 393-2623


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Tyson's Ballroom & DanceSport Center

8032 Leesburg Pike, Ste 201
Vienna, Virginia 22182

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