District Zouk's 5-Year Anniversary Celebration

Fri, Jul 26, 2019  8:00PM - 
Sun, Jul 28, 2019 2:00AM

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Event Description:
We've been at this for 5 years now!
- 5 years of Monday night zouk classes
- 5 years of socials
- 5 years of workshops with visiting instructors
- 5 years of building community

It's awesome to see how much our DC Brazilian zouk community has grown.

To celebrate, we're offering a weekend of workshops with our locally grown instructors teaching some of their favorite topics. We hope you will come celebrate with us!


Glen Echo Back Room

8-10pm Intermediate Zouk Worshop w/ Gui Prada: Exploring Circles with Balão Apagado

In this workshop we will study and improve one of Gui's all time favourite moves, Balão Apagado. This pattern adds dynamics, fun and a good amount of adrenaline and endorphins. We will go over the fundamentals of this step - footwork and head movement - and see options to transition, reverse, change and travel with it.
*** This workshop requires familiarity with intermediate zouk concepts (level 3), so students should have taken that class or a higher level. Students who are not familiar with head movement should take the open-level workshop.

9-10pm Open-level Zouk Worksop w/ Ashley Kent: Turns & Timing

Turns are one of the most fun parts of Brazilian zouk but can also be tricky. In this workshop we'll review technique for some of the most common types of turns and then explore different timing options with those turns to help improve your leading and following and make your dancing more connected and musical.
*** This workshop is open to new and experienced zouk dancers.

10pm-2am Zouk Social w/ DJ Chuky & DJ Ocho Z

Glen Echo Back Room

11am-12:30pm Modern & Jazz w/ Natalia Pcholkina
Let’s explore flow, traveling and groundedness through a mix of modern and jazz techniques. What’s your preferred way of moving? Whether it’s light, wide, controlled, relaxed or any other way, you’ll be able to try switching it up and season it with sass and spice.
*** This workshop is open to all levels of dancers.

12:45-2:15pm Zouk Connection w/ Ashley Kent
Brazilian zouk is known for its connectedness, but finding this magical connection takes practice and involves a lot of technique. In this workshop we'll explore how we connect with our partners and communicate, whether for traveling movements or body movements. Through exercises and practice we'll enhance your awareness of your own body, your partner's and the communication between you in your dance.
*** This workshop assumes knowledge of zouk fundamentals (Level 1), so students should have taken that class or a higher level.

2:30-4:00pm Tilted Turns w/ Jamiel Roberson & Vanessa Scott
Brazilian Zouk has many elements in its signature techniques and movements. Knowing the foundations to turn, travel, and stay balanced are some core fundamentals that Jamiel and Vanessa love teaching. In this class, they will add the variation of tilts to the fundamental technique of traveling turns. This is a coveted practice to add to intermediate dancers’ repertoires- for leads and follows alike. Follows, come to learn great technique to protect your back, your spine, to improve your form, practice your balance, and explore the flexibility of your body. Leads, come to experience what the follows experience as well as learn the technique to execute these turns safely and with comfort for both you and your follow.
*** This workshop assumes comfort with progressive zouk fundamentals (level 2), so students should have taken this class or a higher level.

7pm-2am July Swouk Party (Zouk + WCSwing) w/ Kristīne Krosi

Glen Echo Back Room
Next to the Spanish Ballroom
At Glen Echo Park (U.S. National Park Service)
7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812

Tickets can be purchased for individual workshops or for the full event.

Intermediate Pass: $70 online, $80 at the door
Includes all workshops (6.5 hours!) and the Friday social. Does not include the swouk worshop and party.

Open-level Pass: $45, $55 at the door
Includes the open-level workshop and social Friday and the first two workshops Saturday (4 hours of workshops plus a social).

Individual Workshops
Intermediate Workshop & Social: $25
Open-level Worshop & Social: $15
Social only: $10

Single Workshop: $20

District Zouk’s mission is to offer regular opportunities to learn and dance Brazilian zouk, and to nurture and grow the Brazilian zouk community in DC. Ashley Kent and Valentine Luu co-founded District Zouk with Amy Abbott and Bianca Desroches, and they have been teaching weekly Brazilian zouk classes at DanceSport Dupont Circle since June 2014, as well as organizing workshops and other events. District Zouk's classes are technique-focused and accessible to those new to social dancing, those with a background in other dance styles, and those who have been learning and dancing this dance for awhile. District Zouk received an award at the New York Zouk Festival in October 2017 for their contributions to zouk in North America.

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Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom

7300 MacArthur Blvd
Glen Echo, Maryland 20812

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