RPUSA Intensive Zouk Course New 100 Level

Sat, Sep 21, 2019 04:00pm -  07:00pm
324 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90814

Event Details:

The 1st class of the semester - July 6th - is FREE!
3 hours of the basics of zouk- we are so sure you'll love it, we want you to come and try it out risk-free!

Renata Pecanha Program: Intensive Zouk Course with Clinton & Cristi! - SIX HOURS TOTAL of intensive zouk training, two Saturdays a month, every month!

This course is perfect for those who are new to dance and to zouk, as well as for those wanting to clean up their basics! No experience or partner necessary! Anyone wanting to start the RPUSA Intensive Zouk Course must start at this level.*

Learn technique developed by Renata Pecanha, the co-creator of Brazilian zouk with two professional dancers that have lived, breathed, and slept zouk and Brazilian culture for over 25 years combined!

Save your spot and enroll today at www.renapecanhausa.com/classes

★ Earn credit towards the Renata Pecanha Dance Program!
★ Build a solid foundation that will take your dance a level above the rest!
★ Deepen your understanding of zouk and general dance concepts!
★ Challenge yourself, your skills, and your knowledge!

And, most importantly, come, have FUN, and DANCE with us!

Included in the Renata Pecanha Dance Program USA are 25 general course topics, over 190 subtopics, and 157 credit hours, all organized in a level-based dance program, with more to come. These fully planned courses are structured like a university program, tiered at 100, 200, and 300 levels. Credit hours are received upon course completion.

For more information about our program, to sign up and to see our package options, go to:

Autobill - $95 per month
Drop in day pass - $55

*The 100 level course may be taken at an accelerated rate in privates. PM Cristi Boone or Clinton Lacerda for more info!

About Clinton & Cristi
Clinton Lacerda and Cristi Boone are professional dance choreographers, instructors and performing artists specializing in Brazilian zouk. With over forty years of combined dance experience, they have studied classical ballet and jazz, salsa, bachata, ballroom, and samba de gafieira. They were both trained in Renata Peçanha’s illustrious dance school in Rio de Janeiro where they became instructors in her school and performers in her professional dance company.

Clinton and Cristi individually and together have won over seven awards in competitions throughout the world in Brazilian zouk, salsa, and bachata. They have toured extensively in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East teaching and performing in world-renowned zouk events. They have earned the reputation of being among the best and most technical Brazilian zouk instructors in the market today.

In 2016, Clinton and Cristi launched Renata Peçanha Dance Programs USA in Los Angeles which consists of two and half years of training in Brazilian zouk and a subsequent teacher training program. They currently run the program in Seattle, San Diego and Long Beach with plans for further expansion. They have run both novice and semi-pro performance teams in LA using Renata Peçanha’s original choreographies along with their own. Additionally, they organize the annual Rio Is Here Dance Festival, which has been a Los Angeles institution since 2016.

Check out their Artist Page at:
and the RPUSA School Page at:

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324 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 433-5753
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