Intensive Brazilian Zouk Course with RPUSA New 200 A Level

Sat, Sep 21, 2019 01:00pm -  04:00pm
324 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90814

Event Details:

This course takes you from your very first step through the fundamentals of Brazilian zouk! Beginner-friendly and great as a review for more experienced dancers to clean up their basics!

The Renata Peçanha Program:
SIX HOURS TOTAL of intensive zouk training, two Saturdays a month, every month! If you know you will miss one of the dates, that isn't cause to not join! Semi-private makeup sessions can be coordinated, so don't miss out!

Learn technique developed by Renata Pecanha, the co-creator of Brazilian zouk with two professional dancers that have lived, breathed, and slept zouk and Brazilian culture for over 15 years combined!

Save your spot and enroll today at
New student enrollments will be automatically be added to the new 2019 100 level.

★ Earn credit towards the Renata Pecanha Dance Program!
★ Build a solid foundation that will take your dance a level above the rest!
★ Deepen your understanding of zouk and general dance concepts!
★ Challenge yourself, your skills, and your knowledge!

And, most importantly, come, have FUN, and DANCE with us!

Included in the Renata Pecanha Dance Program USA are 25 general course topics, over 190 subtopics, and 157 credit hours, all organized in a level-based dance program, with more to come. These fully planned courses are structured like a university program, tiered at 100, 200a, 200b, and 300 levels. Credit hours are received upon course completion.

For more information about our program, to sign up and to see our package options, go to:

Autobill - $95 per month
Drop in day pass - $55
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    Venue: (562) 433-5753

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324 Redondo Ave
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 433-5753
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