SMDC Santa Monica- Zouk classes & Performance team

Thu, Sep 19, 2019 08:00pm -  10:00pm
Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios
10469 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Event Details:

What is Zouk??
Zouk is a Brazilian partner dance originated from Lambada. Among the latin dances it is one of the most versatile, sensual and connected dances.

How does it look like?
Shani & Bruno:

to learn Brazilian Zouk?
Come learn the hottest dance that's taking over LA!
This course was designed by Shani Mayer an internationally known intructor with over 10 years of experience!
Learn the foundations of Zouk in a easy to follow model and a friendly environment that focuses on social dance technique and connection.
LEVEL 1 : This course is for 1st time zouk dancers is also great for Zouk dancers looking to clean up their basics. No experience necessary . Basics steps and leading following techniques of zouk will be explained in detail . Focus is to get you on the dance floor in no time :)

LEVEL 1.5: (must have passes level 1 assessment of approval by Shani )This course assumes that you have all foundation basics and will dive further into more of the progressive foundations

LEVEL 2 (A/B) : (must have passes 1.5 assesment or approval by Shani ) This couse focuses on more progressive technique as well as body movement , flow and tilts .

PERFORMANCE TEAM : No experience necessary
focusing on bulding technique and learning a choreography
great to up your skill level and have opportunities to perform

Students will receive:
*Video summing up the weekly class, every week
*Written syllabus about topics learned
*Discounts at monthly company socials (parties)
*Exclusive weekly practice sessions!

8.00PM - LEVEL 1 & 2A Class (Level 2 - A) - Every Tuesday, 8 weeks
9:00PM - Performance Team
*(Drop-ins will be allowed only for the first 2 weeks)

Pacific Arts Center - West LA
Drop in: 25$ (allowed only in first weeks or later if approved beforehand)
Monthly: 85$
Monthly 2 classes/week: 120$ ( save 50$ !)
Full Course (8 weeks ) : 150 ( save 20$)

What to Wear:
*Comfortable clothes, nothing too fancy
*Make sure to take care of hygiene since its a close dance (gum, deodorant)!
*Shoes that can easily slide on floor, no rubber soles.
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    Venue: (310) 481-9966

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Pacific Arts Center & Dance Studios

10469 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 481-9966
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