Salsa Night at The Edison: The Bunny Affair

Thu, Sep 19, 2019 09:00pm - Sep 20, 2019 01:30am
The Edison
108 W 2nd St, # 101
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Event Details:

Come to the epicentre of decadence and epic Salsa dancing! Prepare yourself for extravagant revelries in a luxurious playground-- where fantasy meets Latin dance. Latin Dance Pro brings you: "Salsa Night at The Edison: A Bunny Affair" as we raise a glass in honor of our founder, Sergio Leal!
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    Latin Dance Events is not the host of this event.
    You may contact the event coordinator by visiting the Facebook Link above for any questions or contact the venue directly.
  • Call

    Venue: (213) 613-0000

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Latin Dance Events in CaliforniaFacebook Event added on 05/09/2019 14:31

The Edison

108 W 2nd St, # 101
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0000
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