As Facebook continues to update and enhance their Events section, it's good to know and understand what you should be adding to the event so that it gets the most exposure and response that you desire.
Follow some of these simple and easy to do tips to help bring more people to your events and grow your local dance community.

Event Name: 

Be sure to include words that people are using to search for events within Facebook.
People search for things like Salsa dancing, Kizomba lessons and such. This means that the title of your event is no different than the title of a webpage that is found on Google.
If you hold a weekly Milonga at your studio that includes a beginner lesson prior to the event, What would be the best way to market this if you are looking to bring in new clients?
Well let’s think about that... most beginners probably don't event know what a Milonga is! So you need to include words in the Event Name that would stand out to them.
But then there are those individuals who do attend Milongas regularly and already know how to Tango that you want to reach as well they may be searching for Milongas.
The key is to include words that are relevant to the people you are trying to attract.
A simple solutions for this might be something like:
“Weekly Milonga at (Studio Name) w/Beginner Tango Lesson”
It's simple, to the point and has covered the bases for new and experienced dancers, shows that it repeats each week as well as helping you to get the name of your studio out.
Get the idea?


When adding your event be sure to type out the ACTUAL NAME of the location your event is being held, not just the physical address.
As you begin typing the name of the location you should see available locations popup to choose from. 
Selecting the location from this lists does a number of things
  • It's usually recognized by Google Maps
  • It helps to ensure the address and map are correct
  • It links the event to the location page and cross promotes
  • When people are driving and looking for the location, who have never been there, it's easier to find than just an address or a special name you may have created for your event.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: The Latin Dancing Network database will only recognize and import events with locations that are actual names of a venue. Any event listed with a location that only has an address, or a name of location that does not match the actually location, will not be imported.



The key point in your description is to speak not to all your friends and people who already attend your events, but speak to someone who has never been.
The people who attend your events regularly will usually see the Facebook Event as a reminder, not necessarily something new to do. So you should be adding information in this section to the new market that you want reach and bring in. I encourage you to learn who that market is and begin trying to how THEY think.
As Facebook continues to put events in front of people more in newsfeeds and notifications with new algorithms, make sure that you take advantage of these brief moments by providing enough information to get them to want to know more.
Let Them Know What To Expect
People prefer to know what type of event they are going to and what can be expect, no surprises. So the more information you provide the better chance you have of them attending your event as well as sharing it with friends. 
Don’t Be So Vague
If you are offering "dance lessons", tell them what styles, levels, times and include information about fees.
Don't make them look for it!
With everything at our fingertips these days, people have become lazy and want things now. If they have to ask questions or call someone or wait for a message, the odds of them attending a different event than yours has increased.
People Move To Different Beats
Most people tend to go where they are comfortable and already know what to expect. If your event only says that the music being played is "The Best Hits", the likelihood of you gaining new patrons is slim. Give them examples of artists or genres so they have a better idea.

Someone who prefers to dance Salsa & Bachata would probably be disappointed attending an event that was 75% Reggaeton music when it was marketed to play “Latin Music”.
Not Everyone Knows Who They Are
Do not assume people know who a guest instructor or DJ is, tell them about the person and their background.
Wouldn't you be much more excited about attending a workshop with an instructor who has taught at every Salsa congress across the globe and has been teaching for 25 years vs "First Name Last Name from Country"?
Find a simple way to pump up the hype for your guest without writing a complete bio.
Use Your Events To Drive More Traffic
And last but not least.... Offer a link back to your website if you have one for more information as well.
Google likes it and it may introduce someone to more than just that specific event.
I hope you find these tips helpful and encourage you to try them! Marketing events is no easy task, so try them out and tweak them till you start to so an increase in attendance... A little at a time is all it takes :)
~ Adina