To grow the Latin dance community and make it easy for new dancers to find dance lessons, social events and establishments in their local area from the Latin Dance & Music leaders in their communities.



To create an online environment that unites all organizations, businesses and individuals involved in the Latin Dance & Music Community while also helping to market their products, services and passions.



HI! My name is Adina, the founder and developer of Latin Dance Events.

My goal is to create a one-stop-shop for all Latin Dance & Music events happening in the United States, making it easy for dancers, travelers or anyone interested in dance to find out what is happening in their area.

I encourage you to check things out on the site, be sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter in your area to stay up to date, but most importantly to support your local venues, instructors, studios and DJ!




A little about me...

My passion for Salsa dancing began in 2006 while taking free dance lessons at a local nightclub in Virginia Beach.

From there, I dove head first into the Latin dance community learning from as many instructors as I could, traveling along the east coast to dance at various congresses and festivals, absorbing as much experience as possible.

My passion for dance quickly developed into promoting and hosting events at nightclubs and restaurants throughout the Hampton Roads, VA area where I was able to share my passion for dance while also building the local dance community.

In 2015 I finally decided it was time to take things up a notch by helping other's in the dance community across the United States to share their love for dance as well... this is when Latin Dance Events was born.

I'd like to personally say thank you for visiting Latin Dance Events and your support of the communities where you dance. 

Never stop dancing and keep smiling my friends!