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Add your Latin & South American dance and music events directly to the local calendars.



Set up a location page for your venue that will:

  • List all the upcoming events you have scheduled
  • Display reviews from your patrons



Your upcoming events will be sent out in our weekly event newsletters based on the geographical location of the event's venue.


We also take the guesswork out of getting your events displayed in search engine event listings, like Google's Event Discovery, that will help to get your events in front of more eyes and more people on the dance floor!



  • Which dance/music style events can I add?

    Latin Dance Events promotes the following genres: Salsa, Mambo, Rueda de Casino, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata, Afro-Cuban, Kizomba, Tarraxihna, Zouk, Samba, Semba, Merengue, Tango, Pachanga and other Latin & South American dances.

  • Why choose Latin Dance Events?

    Our Main Market Is Dancers

    Unlike large event websites that show events from a cooking class to skydiving, Latin Dance Events is focused on and targets those who are actually looking for your events. 


    Our site is designed and optimized to and for Latin Dance & Music Communities. So you know that the people who see your events here, are actually interested in dance!


    We're Interested In Building Communities


    The way we see it....

    Large events are a great way to bring awareness to communities and bring people from around the world together celebrate dance.


    While we support them completely and enjoy them just as much as you, we also know that a local dance scene can't stay alive on large events alone.


    It takes the smaller local instructors, promoters, studios and venues to keep it going and bring in new dancers throughout of the year in order for a community to grow.


    We at Latin Dance Events come from the dance community and understand the financial challenges that this brings to most as this isn't an easy market.


    Most dance studios don't have much of a marketing budget, if any. 


    Most independent instructors and promoters do this part time or just for their love of culture and dance. 


    Latin Dance Events is here to support you and want to contribute to YOUR community to see it grow, one event at a time.


    We are continually looking for more and more ways to make things easier for you while creating a central location for everyone to come together in the community.


    Choose Latin Dance Events, be an active user, help us to make our products better, and we'll grow together!


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