How to Claim an Existing Listing

Latin Dance Events often adds various listings to it's site for a venue, festival or people to help with promotion and begins the review process. This brings more awareness to those involved in the dance community and helps our site visitors learn more too.

Actual owners of a festival or business listing are able to claim their listings in just a few simple steps.

Doing so allows the listing owner to add and edit information, upload images, videos, ticket links and more.

To claim a listing, please follow these steps.

Please read all steps first before completing

1. Create an Account or Login

Without an account, you won't be able to login to the backend to edit the details

2. Locate Listing & Start Claim

Navigate to the listing you wish to claim as your own and click on the "Claim This Listing" button at the top of the page.

3. Provide Owner Verification Information

In order to claim a listing, you must provide information that will help us to verify your ownership claim.

We ask that you provide as many options as possible.

1) What role do you play in relation to this listing?

2) The link to the official Facebook fanpage associated with this listing. We will then send a message there with instructions to verify ownership.

3) The link to your official website where we will send a message through the contact form with verification instructions.

4) Provide a name and email address ending with the official website of the person who can verify ownership.
i.e. name @ officialwebsite . com

4. Verification Will Begin

Once member services receives information to help verify your ownership, we will then begin contacting those who can confirm you should have access to the listing in order to edit it.