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HugoHugo comes to the rescue!!!
....... to make it super easy for dance enthusiasts to find your events.

No need
for you to use magical catch phrases

Likes, thumbs up, shares and all that other mumbo-jumbo are a thing of the past

When you list with us your events won't be drowning in a whirlpool filled with other non-dance related events because all we do is


So put away your flashy fliers and your gazillion dollar videos and let's take it back to the basics!

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    All you have to do is add your dance and music events to your our calendars and we'll take care of the rest.

    (Just as long as the events are considered a Latin or South American style/genre)


    The Basics

    Make sure you have the basic information like:

    • A catchy title (ok... yes, we lied you still need some of your catchy phrases)
    • A detailed description so people know what to expect
    • A venue to listen to those awesome beats and cut the rug
    • A date(s) on the calendar for people to plan ahead


    Repeat option available too

    You can set up weekly, monthly, yearly and even irregular repeat events to save time and ensure your location stays listed on the site.


    Need to edit a single session of your repeats?

    No problem! You can edit/change one instance(s) of a repeat series without effecting the others.


    Your weekly Friday social falls on a holiday and you plan to make it a themed event. Switch it up for that specific day and keep moving.


    Got images?

    Perfect! We'll take those too.


    Start Listing Your Events 


    We're already marketing to the people you want to see your events anyways

    So rest assure that the people who see your events on our site are actually interested in Latin Dance & Music because that's what we're all about!


    We also share your events in our Weekly Events Newsletter

    We don't like to receive spam nor do we send it. But your events do get sent out in our newsletter twice a week to our subscribers.

    You have signed up already, right? 

    (If not, that's ok, we won't get mad... you can subscribe up here)


    Did we mention we even submit your events to Google?!

    We take the guesswork out of getting your events displayed in search engines, like Google's Event Discovery, by submitting them each week for you.

    This helps to get your events in front people who haven't even visited our site!



    What could be better than that?

    How about that it's Free Advertising!


    There's more coming too...

    We're working on some other top-secret techie stuff as well to help you to market your events, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

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    We believe in making things as easy for the our site visitors, so keeping things clean and simple is our #1 goal.

    • Mapped Events

      Each of your events is will be listed within a geographical region, making it easy for visitors to see what's happening near them quickly or where they plan to go.

    • Events listed by Date & Time

      People usually know when they want go out or have time available, this allows them to scroll through to find what works best for them.

    • Location Review Rating

      We also include the overall review rating here for a quick reference of the venue your event is being held at. So be sure have your awesome followers and clients leave you those 5 star ratings!



    Register Now 


    Be sure to complete your location page and ask for reviews!

    • Lists all the upcoming events you have scheduled
    • Contact Information
    • Social Network Links
    • Review Questions based on the venue type


    Example Questions

    • Instructor Skill & Knowledge
    • Range of Available Classes
    • Pricing
    • Dance Floor Size / Condition
    • Staff Professionalism
    • Customer Satisfaction



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  • What's Happening to Facebook Imports?


    As some of you know, in the beginning (many moons ago), Latin Dance Events imported events from Facebook and helped event hosts, organizers, instructors, studios and nightclubs to extend their reach of the events they were already listing on Facebook to reach those outside of the platform. But sometimes good things must come to an end. ( Here's why... )